meet klm photography

“My love of photography started when I was just a child and my grandfather handed me my first camera. I slowly began to realize I loved to tell stories. I think I may take after my dad in this way, if you ever sit down with him you’re in for a ride! But even though on paper I was creative and really enjoyed creative writing, I began to see it in my photographs as well. People started to tell me, you should really do this, take this “hobby” and turn it into a career. So, I finally did.

I am inspired by my husband, our children, by life, by photographs, and by watching other people’s stories unfold. I live my  life by telling other peoples stories, by loving my husband and children, by having that passion to show it through the camera, and just enjoying the moments that are not planned, the emotions that we were able to capture and forever freeze in time.

What is my style? Well take a look around of course, but really it is about making connections and bringing out your story (can you tell I like to tell stories:)) I love to have fun, and I enjoy upbeat personalities that can also just chill. I’m a pretty easy going person and tend to attract like minded people. I’m here to tell your story. I am lucky I am doing what I love and forever grateful for my grandpa who handed me that first camera.